6 Tips For Shedding The Pounds During The Holidays

Shedding The Pounds

Instead of looking for ways to lose weight after the holidays, try these 6 tips for shedding the pounds prior to and during the holidays!

Lets face it, the holidays make it tough when it comes to keeping excess weight off, temptation is everywhere. Starting with all the Halloween candy and junk, it’s non-stop straight through New Years! 

It feels like there is one office party after another, family gatherings, dinners out with friends we seldom see, it’s the perfect excuse to eat whatever we want.

6 Ways To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain!

  1. Set Your Alarm 25 Minutes Earlier Than Normal
  2. Reduce the Amount of Simple Carbohydrates (sugar)
  3. Eat Before You Eat
  4. Limit Your Alcohol
  5. Increase Your Water Intake
  6. Commit & Challenge Yourself – Make This Year Different!

Wake-Up Sleepy Head!

By turning back your alarm 25 minutes earlier it gives you time to take in a brisk 20 minute walk. No excuses here! Twenty-five minutes less sleep won’t kill you but a 20 minute walk will make a world of difference in jump starting your metabolism. Start your day off with a brisk walk followed by 8 oz of water and never skip breakfast! Exercise is one of the most beneficial tips for loosing weight so get up off the couch and start moving!

Simple Carbs = Sugar sugar cubes

Sugar is in everything these days. Start reading the labels and you will be amazed just how much added sugar is in the foods we eat, especially in the form of High Fructose Syrup. I even found it added to my favorite brand of english muffins, which are simple carbs to begin with and something I treat myself to once in a while. High fructose corn syrup is a poison that doesn’t belong in any of our foods and should be avoided whenever possible.

Simple Carbs come from foods such as: white breads, baked goods, candy, soda, pasta and fruit juices. If you want to start shedding the pounds this holiday season, restrict your sugar intake. Carbohydrates are essential to the body, look to Complex Carbs like, vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruit. Remember, sugar is the leading cause of obesity in both children and adults. It is addicting and the cause of a host of  diseases. Reduce your sugar intake, especially soda’s and soft drinks and I guarantee you not only feel better, but you’ll lose weight.

Eat Before You Eat!

This is probably my most basic tip. Never show up to a party or holiday gathering hungry. Always try to eat something healthy to fill the void before hitting the party scene. A piece of fruit or some raw veggies will usually do the trick. Add to that a couple glasses of water can trick your brain into thinking you aren’t that hungry.

Limit Your Alcohol Alcoholic Drinks

I know, I know, this is the time of year to eat, DRINK, and be merry right? Well those alcoholic beverages you slam down during the holidays can add a significant amount of sugar to your daily diet and we’ve already learned how harmful sugar is. Wine may contain the least amount of sugar. A small glass of white wine equals about 1.5 teaspoons of sugar whereas a glass of red wine has just about a quarter of a teaspoon. Contrast that to a rum and coke or vodka & cranberry, you’re looking at 27.5 to 30 grams of sugar respectively (up to 8 teaspoons of sugar in just one drink).

Increase Water Intake

Drinking a lot of water throughout the day can help boost your metabolism (slightly) and suppress your appetite. A minimum of 64 ounces of water (or 8 glasses) is recommended daily. Try and drink an 8oz glass of water before each meal as this will help you feel more full. If you’re not big on drinking plain water, try adding sugar free flavor packets and or cut up fruit and veggies to a pitcher of water, keep it refrigerated and drink it throughout the day. Melons, mint, cucumbers, strawberries and other citrus fruits are a great way to add flavor, without the empty calories.

Commit & Challenge Yourself

This Year Commit to Shedding the Pounds During, Instead of After the Holidays.

How have you done the last few years on keeping your new years resolutions? That’s what I thought, not so well…

These 6 tips are not the fastest weight loss method nor are they intended to be. Getting rid of unwanted pounds is more about making a lifestyle change than those weight loss diet plans, which usually never work. Oh sure, you can lose weight fast, but it won’t stay off.

If you’re seriously looking for a healthy way to lose weight this holiday season, here is one of the easiest ways to achieve that goal. Challenge yourself by taking the TLS 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Click the image below to learn more!

TLS 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Okay it’s your turn! I’d like to hear from you. What plans do you have for shedding the pounds this holiday season?

To Your Health!

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