DNA Miracles™ Home Solutions Bundle – Clean Solutions for Kids Health!

DNA miracles home solutions bundle

The DNA Miracles™ line is known for providing some of the best kids vitamins on the market today.

Well this year at the world conference (February, 2016) Dr. Mark Lang explained how the DNA Miracles™ product line has taken kids health to a new level with the introduction of the DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle.

The bundle includes four different cleaning products which are all plant derived, non-toxic, and bio degradable.

This is huge as the health and safety of our children is so important to each and every parent I know. For most of us parents, under-the-sink household cleaning products can be a nightmare.

household toxins

Each year over 1 million kids ages 5 and under have gotten their hands on and swallowed these toxic products, some with deadly results. The fear of ingesting these toxic poisons is just one area of concern. Most household products contain harmful ingredients that may cause asthma, cancer, allergies and burns, to name just a few. You can learn more regarding health issues on the EWG website here.

The one thing we can all agree on is that we want our cleaning products to not only work, but to be safe for our little ones, right?

With the launch of the DNA Miracles™ Home Solution Bundle, today that is finally possible!

What’s included in each and every bundle? There are 16 (4 each), color coded water-soluble packets that just need to be mixed with water, shaken and they are ready for use.

DNA Miracles packets

Built with safety in mind, it comes with a child resistant cap, each pack has a polymer film which is coated with a Bitter-X flavor. If your child does manage to get into the canister and puts one of the packets in their mouth, they will spit it out immediately due to the bitter flavor.

Let’s take a look at the 4 ways you can now clean everything from the food they put into their systems, to the nursery & playroom, and every surface in between.

 1.  DNA Miracles Fruit & Veggie Cleaner.

DNA Miracles Fruit & Veggie

Removing pesticides from store bought fruit and veggies is my number one priority and I imagine you feel the same way. Well now it couldn’t be easier to remove those toxic chemicals and wax from the food we give our children. Just spray the fruit & veggie cleaner, scrub, rinse and you can be confident your kids will be eating pesticide and wax free from here on out.

2. DNA Miracles Nursery & Playroom Cleaner

DNA nursery and playroom

Dust and dirt are easy to spot but germs are invisible and they are everywhere! We can’t always protect our children from germs and viruses when they’re at school or out on the playground, but we can increase the odds at home by wiping down hard surfaces and toys with a good disinfectant cleaner.

The problem with most cleaners are the chemicals used, which often times are toxic and leave behind a residue. Have you ever wiped down a surface only to come back 20 minutes later to find a whitish film where you just cleaned? That won’t happen with the DNA home solutions cleaner. It disinfects and cleans so you will only be doing the work one time.

3. DNA Miracles Spot & Stain Remover

spot & stain remover

The spot & stain remover has be formulated specifically to remove kids stains. Baby food over the years has ruined many an outfit. This product has been tested with foods such as, peas, carrots, and one of the biggest culprits, cranberries! The results have been nothing short of amazing. Its made with organic fragrances so it smells great too!

4. DNA Miracles Bottle & Dish Wash

DNA bottle & dish wash

For you parents with newborns and infants who are getting their nourishment from a bottle, you’ll be happy to know this product has been designed to clean milk and formula on baby bottles, sippy cups and all bottle feeding products. No job is too big either, the bottle & wash formula isn’t limited to just baby bottles. It is comforting to know this non-toxic cleaner works on of your children’s plates, bowls, cups and just about anything you can throw at it.

For just $39.95 you’ll be getting 4 different products, the equivalent of 16 bottles, to clean and protect every part of your home. If you do the math, that is $2.49 per bottle. Now you know why they call it the Home Solutions Bundle!

The DNA Miracles™ Home Solutions Bundle is available now and can be purchased online by Clicking The Image Below!

DNA Home Bundle Packs







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