Do Isotonix Vitamins Really Work?

isotonix supplementsIf you aren’t failiar with Isotonix® vitamins you’re not alone. I wasn’t either until about 18 months ago.


I was introduced to the Isotonix line when I started having a lot of pain in my right knee which began affecting my daily life. Working out and even walking around was becoming a constant hassle due to the dull and sometime sharp pain (something I hadn’t experienced before). 

During a conversation with a friend I mentioned how my knee pain was really starting to slow me down. She lit up with excitement and told me about a product she had been taking for the last six months called Isotonix OPC-3. Being very athletic throughout her life she said she started experiencing similar issues with pain in her joints too.

Within a couple of weeks using this product she said most of her issues were gone.

Not only did she find relief from her aches and pains, she claimed her energy level had also increased. By the third month, as allergy season rolled around she realized she wasn’t sneezing, itching or near as miserable as she normally was in the springtime.

Now, I’ve never had to deal with allergies but I would have given anything for some relief with the pain I was having in my right knee. I am a very skeptical person but decided to give OPC-3 a try; mostly so I could tell her it didn’t work.

Well, I am happy to report that after 10 days my knee was back to normal. I’ve been using the product ever since and the pain in my knee has not returned.

What Makes Isotonix Supplements Unique?

In order to answer the question, “Do Isotonix Vitamins Really Work” first let’s look at the meaning of Isotonix. The correct spelling of the word is Isotonic which means:

Having the same fluid pressure as body fluids.” Tears, blood plasma, lymph and other body fluids are all isotonic. Everything we eat must be broken down into an Isotonic state before entering the small intestine for absorption.

Absorption is the major benefit Isotonix® supplements offer over the competition. The ability for the body to absorb nutrients quickly and efficiently.  

In the vitamin and supplement world, the three most common ways vitamins are produced come in either a pill, capsule, or chewable form. Over the last year (at the time of this writing) there has been much debate whether supplements are even worth spending money on. Some claim they are not, I disagree and I will show you why in this article.

Essentially Isotonix vitamins are like an IV without the needle.

They begin in a powder form and when mixed with the proper amount of water, along with being taken on an empty stomach, maximum absorption will occur. Within 15 minutes your body is able to absorb 90% to 95% of the nutrients, making them up to 60% more effective than traditional supplements.

Traditional pills and supplements contain binders, fillers and coatings, some of which can be downright dangerous to your health according to Dr. Axe.

10 worst toxins

You can do your own research and I suggest you do! Click here to learn more about Isotonix Vitamins. Next, check out the Organic Consumers Association website and you will find all sorts of alarming information regarding vitamin supplements that contain fillers and binders, along with a a list of such toxic chemicals including:

Nicotine, coal tars and alloxal, silicon dioxide (used to make vitamins weigh more) methyl cellulose, crania wax, lead, titanium dioxide and hydrogenated oils.

Have you ever taken vitamins in the morning only to feel sick or have an upset stomach a short time later?

Chances are good it is due to the fillers, binders and coatings that most pills contain, not the actual ingredients in the pills.

Isotonix liquid vitamins contain NO fillers, binders or coatings.

Because these vitamins enter the body in an isotonic state they do not sit in the stomach and go through the degradation process ( broken down) before they can pass into the lower intestine.

What can be more natural than being part of the bodies own nutrient delivery system?



Over the last 20 years there have been literally tens of thousands of people who have benefited tremendously from the Isotonix line of products. Below are just a few of those testimonials…

Woman's Face


Annette P.


“I was living with arthritis pain for several years in my hips and knees. Forced to sell my home of 34 years because climbing the stairs had become too painful to deal with on a daily basis… Well, only three days after starting on OPC-3, on my weekly exercise walk at the mall I realized I was having no pain as I walked around. So I decided to test the stairs instead of using the escalator, (something I avoid every chance I get). I couldn’t believe it, I was able to climb the staircase without any pain! That was over 5 weeks ago and to this day, I am living a more pain free life. It has been nothing short of Life Changing!”



Phillip L.


“I take it every morning as directed on an empty stomach. I hardly ever need advil or another aspirin type pill which tend to effect other parts of the  body. I play tennis four or five times per week pain free. Most all senior tennis players I know take advil before and after. My daughter Aimee got me to try this product 7 or 8 years ago and I thank her every day!

Woman's Face


Amy M.


OPC3 has boosted my energy levels and mental focus. I have less aches in my knees and gives me overall feeling of wellness. I’ve also noticed improvement in my skin complexion and it makes my monthly cycle very tolerable. Its my morning dose of magic!

Are you currently taking vitamins & supplements?

If so, wouldn’t it make sense to spend your money on a product that can deliver up to 95% of the nutrients (that you’re already paying for), in 15 minutes or less?

To find out for yourself if Isotonix vitamins really work, Click Here Now!

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  1. I had the WORST arthritis in my lower back and shoulder pain that I had to go to a spine doctor which I dreaded. Wanted to do steroid shots which I refused. That same week..I met a woman who gave me a 5 day supply of OPC3. Sound too good to be true..but it was true…my arthritis pain was gone in my lower back, my shoulder and my left knee. I have not taken an advil in 2 years!!! If you have any pain….try this line…The delivery system really make a difference and the natural ingredients being anti inflammatory ! I will never change my vitamin line ever again.

    • Wow Linda, what a testament! Thanks for sharing your story!
      I have spoken to so many people with similar results.
      Thanks for taking the time to share!

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