Cleansing Diets – 3 Important Facts You Need To Know!


In this article I am going to share 3 important facts about cleansing diets and how to do a healthy cleanse that is safe, effective and easy to follow.

cleansing diets

Now depending on what you read, these diets either don’t work, are just a fad, or are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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How The TLS Diet Promotes a Low Glycemic Lifestyle

TLS Diet

The TLS Diet solution teaches you about low GI eating, behavior modification and how to improve body composition.

How Does Low Glycemic Eating Effect The Body?

A few years ago there was a study done at Harvard that determined a low glycemic diet was one of the best ways to lose weight because it not only helped maintain your metabolism, it also help maintain cardiovascular health.

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New TLS Weight Loss 21 Day Challenge

New TLS Weight Loss 21 Day Challenge

The new TLS weight loss 21 day challenge is a simple 2 phase program that you can begin loosing weight starting today!

TLS stands for Transitions Lifestyle System

Obesity is basically a lifestyle disease that require lifestyle changes in order to lose and maintain weight loss. If you are sick and tired of trying quick weight loss diets that don’t last, then read on because the TLS Weight Loss Challenge can help you finally keep the weight off this time!

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